Annual Report 2019-20

Creativity is the key to success in the future,

and primary education is where,

teachers can bring creativity in children at that level”

                        – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Keeping these thoughts in mind, We, the members of Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School, have dreamt of creating innovative learning hub. We have made astounding efforts to introduce and impart quality education in the School. We have been extremely successful in most of our endeavors. 

It is our privilege and pleasure to present the Annual Report for the Academic year 2019-20. We are happy to share the news that SGHPS secured 100% results. All our students of Class X, who appeared for all India Secondary School Examination (2018-2019), passed with flying colours. It’s our students who made all our efforts truly meaningful and rewarding, by their significant effort to do their best and becoming knowledgeable and skilled citizens. We are proud of each one of them. Let us have a look at their achievements. 


Hitesh Bandhu with 95%, Avneet Kaur (93.4%), Jasleen kaur (93%), Umarpreet Kaur (91%), Kanishka (90.4%), Ashmeet Kaur (90%) 


Paritosh got 24 gold medals ,7 silvers and 1 bronze at national level Taekwando tournament. 

Anamika got 17 gold medals,11 Silver,14 bronze at National level Gymnastic Championship.

Devanshi Gautam got 2 Silver, 4bronze at State Level Gymnastic Championship.

Tript Kaur got 2 Silver ,4 bronze at State Level Swimming Champion.

Our school got 2nd Position in Zonal Level Lawn Tennis Tournament Under-14 Boys team as well as got 2nd Position in Zonal Level Handball Tournament Under-17 Boys team. 

Here are Our Initiatives

To ensure that our students are equipped to face any challenge, our school has taken different initiatives throughout the year. 


This ceremony was held upholding the responsibilities of true leadership among our young leaders… Our Student’s Council consists of the Head Boy, Head girl, Vice Head boy, Vice Head girl, House captains, Vice House Captains, House Prefects, class monitors  to ensure discipline in the school. This event was held to develop a sense of roles and responsibilities among the students. 


Our school is engaged in several environmental initiatives to develop their  students as “The Army of environment Saviours”. The students are also encouraged to plant trees on their birthdays to give birth to the green future. Fulfilling this objective, the students brought plant saplings on their birthdays and planted them in the school premises. Some of the plant saplings were given as a birthday present to the students. The students who performed excellent in their academics, were awarded with a plant as a token of achievement. This initiative is taken by the school to create awareness of tree-plantation among students. 


“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

Swachhata hi seva campaign proposed by CBSE was conducted with the pledge ceremony where all staff members and the students took a pledge  to clean their school, homes, & surroundings. The Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated with great enthusiasm in school campus. Different events were carried out in the school premises in which, the students from class VI-X had actively participated and displayed their hidden talents. A special assembly was conducted and  began with prayer commemorating Gandhi’s birthday. The students as well as teachers took a pledge to contribute best towards the nation. 


Our school organized ‘Science & Maths Exhibition” to enhance practical Knowledge of the students. Students made appreciable efforts in preparing working models. Various competitions were organized including declamation as well as debate competition in order to enhance English speaking skills. G.K. Quiz contest had been conducted to develop cognitive skills of the students. Staff member evaluated formative assessment on the basis of creative albums and scrap files made by the students. Teachers integrated the eco-club activities with internal assessment. 


Our School Curriculum involves a perfect balance of academic and co –curricular activities based on innovation and creativity. Education along with the co-curricular activities helps in the overall development of the students. Co-curricular activities furnish many values among students. Talent Hunt Competition was organized to facilitate the learning opportunities of both music as well as dance. In addition to dance, music & art, new co-scholastic activities have been introduced. School organized Rangoli Competition on various Environmental themes. Healthy Snacks and Salad making competition have been organized. Students participated enthusiastically in both the competition. The “Kids Show” was conducted to bring out hidden talent of our juniors. Art Exhibition was organized and students created many useful things at the “Best out of Waste”. Our school arranged seminar on the topic Traffic rules and Road Safety precautions to be taken to make students aware about road safety measures. 


Annual day was successfully conducted with great execution on 3rd Nov 2019 as the mark of 550th Birth Anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This event was dedicated to the teachings of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. 


“Healthy mind resides in healthy body” .With this thought, our school organized “FIT INDIA –PLOG 2Km Campaign 2019”, to motivate students for physical fitness. In addition, we organized “Dental check-up Campaign” not only for the students, but also for the staff members as well as parents for promoting awareness about good personal hygiene. In every morning assembly, we engage students in P.T exercises and  Zumba activities in order to develop their physical and mental well being. In the session, Inter-House KHO-KHO competition held for junior as well as senior wing .In addition to it, Inter-House Volleyball competition was held from classes VI-X. The students participated and performed their best in all sports activities. 


Like a beautiful sunrise and the vivid colours brighten the world, our school is blessed with talented teaching faculty to guide and mark to glitter every child entrusted to them.Our Staff members executed innovative techniques to make teaching – learning process more effective. Lab Activities, Group projects, Role play Activities, Smart Class teaching are executed to enhance and create interest of the students in academics. 

We conclude, with a message from Our Hon’ble Principal, Dr.Kanwaljit Kaur, to the students of  SGHPS…as they are the future citizens that“ YOU CAN & YOU WILL,BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.”